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Continuous location monitoring makes your supervision plan stronger

SCRAM GPS in Canada

The case law is clear – RSC’s GPS monitoring can help address concerns on any of the primary, secondary, and tertiary grounds – the key factors that courts consider when deciding between pre-trial release and detention.

In provinces that don’t offer GPS monitoring for conditional sentences, accessing RSC’s program has helped make the difference in successfully advocating for a conditional sentence.

No site visit or landline is required.

When monitored by RSC’s GPS program, the wearer of the ankle bracelet knows that their location is being continuously recorded and that breaches of house arrest, curfew, or other location restrictions will be detected and reported to police and/or the conditional sentence supervisor.

We can configure zones where the wearer must remain, where they must not go, and we can accommodate authorized leave schedules that are fixed or variable, including surety-accompaniment requirements.

Beyond reporting breaches, RSC provides law enforcement with open, on-demand access to the monitoring record.

For most people on bail or a conditional sentence, knowing that their location is being recorded, that police or their supervisor have open access to their current and historical location records, and that breaches will be detected and reported, all make GPS a powerful tool for promoting compliance and deterring non-compliant behaviour.

While GPS is an onerous condition, in some cases it may enable overall conditions to be less onerous than they might have been without monitoring. This can be so where the court is satisfied that, with GPS monitoring in place, the wearer can be permitted greater freedom of movement, for example to work or attend school.

Time spent on GPS monitoring while on bail may be taken into consideration by a sentencing court when calculating credit for time served in pre-trial custody and/or under onerous bail conditions.

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