Continuous Alcohol Monitoring with SCRAM

Continuous Alcohol Monitoring with SCRAM

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With testing every 30 minutes - SCRAM CAM is a powerful tool for proving sobriety, managing risk, and supporting treatment


SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM) uses an ankle bracelet that transdermally monitors the wearer for alcohol 24/7. Well-established within the justice systems in the United States and the United Kingdom, and now being used with success in many criminal and family cases in Canada, SCRAM CAM tests perspiration vapour in the same way that a breath testing device tests breath samples for the presence of alcohol. The results are stored within the bracelet’s onboard memory and uploaded to the monitoring software once per day. Reports provide a detailed picture of the results, allowing proof of sustained abstinence or, if the wearer does drink, showing the timing and relative quantity of any drinking events.

  • Automated, non-invasive monitoring, samples every 30 minutes
  • Industry-leading anti-tamper technology
  • Data analysis of every alert
  • Independently tested, court-validated
  • A powerful tool that can be used to achieve better outcomes in:

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Every individual who wears a SCRAM CAM bracelet has a unique, personal story. But after alcohol monitoring becomes a part of so many diverse lives, the outcomes share a common theme: Making a Difference.

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