Pricing – Family Court Programs

Alcohol Monitoring with SCRAM ankle bracelet (tests every 30 minutes)
Installation: $150
Monitoring: $450/month*
*For Legal Aid cases and CAS cases when the purpose of monitoring with the SCRAM ankle bracelet is for assessment only or for use as evidence only (that is,the monitoring is not a condition of child custody/access), the following reduced monitoring fees apply:
30 day report: $360
60 day report: $700
90 day report: $850

Alcohol Monitoring with Remote Breath Testing (2-6 tests per day)
Installation: $80
Monitoring: $295/month

No additional charges for reports when full price is being paid and Participant is fully compliant.

Additional fees apply for missed appointments, late payments, lost or damaged equipment, etc.

HST added to all fees.

Reduced fees considered based on proven financial need.