Pricing – Criminal Court Programs

Bail/Conditional Sentences

  • Written materials for submission to court: no charge
  • Advance site visit and report (not required in most cases – please call to discuss)
  • Installation: $250
  • Testimony at contested hearing: $500 per attendance in GTA; $750+ outside GTA (includes installation if same day/same place)
  • RF Monitoring (house arrest/curfew): $390/month
  • GPS Monitoring (location, geographic restrictions): $540/month
  • Alcohol Monitoring/Continuous (testing every 30 minutes): $450/month
  • Alcohol/Remote breath (2-6 tests per day): $295/month
  • Dual Alcohol/RF monitoring (one bracelet): $600/month
  • Dual Alcohol/GPS monitoring (two bracelets): $850/month
  • Testimony at breach/revocation hearings: no cost to Crown; costs to Participant per Participant Agreement

Alcohol Monitoring Reports for Resolution Discussions/Sentencing Hearings

Voluntary alcohol monitoring for use as mitigating evidence in resolution discussions or at a sentencing hearing:

  • Installation: $150
  • Reports: $1000 for 90 days  (for Legal Aid reduced to $850)

When monitoring is required by bail terms, full daily monitoring fees are being paid and the Participant has been fully compliant, there are no additional charges for reports to be used in resolution discussions or at a sentencing hearing. If reduced fees are being paid or Participant has not been fully compliant, fees for these reports will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

For all programs, additional fees apply for missed appointments, late payments, lost or damaged equipment, etc.

Landline may be required depending on type of monitoring, location of residence, required reporting frequency – add about $1/day if not already installed.

HST added to all fees.

Reduced fees considered based on proven financial need or as per special arrangements with complementary programs (e.g., bail supervision programs, problem-solving courts).