Electronic Monitoring/GPS

To monitor compliance with house arrest, curfew conditions, or geographic restrictions, we offer electronic monitoring using either radio-frequency (RF) monitoring or GPS monitoring.

RF monitoring is effective for house arrest or curfew compliance. An ankle bracelet is attached to the individual and a base station is placed in a central location in the residence. The system records all times when the individual leaves the residence and returns to the residence and generates an alert if the individual leaves at an unauthorized time or fails to return when required. With appropriate terms included in an order, we can accommodate authorized leave schedules that are fixed or variable.

When both house arrest/curfew monitoring and alcohol monitoring are required, we are able to provide both services with a single device.

GPS monitoring is effective when geographic restrictions are required. Geographic restrictions can be set up as inclusion zones (areas the individual must stay within) or exclusion zones (areas the individual must not enter).

We create reporting protocols to suit the preferences of the supervising authority and the needs of each case.

Our RF and GPS monitoring services are available throughout Canada for:

• Bail
• Conditional sentences
• Probation
• Parole
• Immigration cases
• Programs for repeat impaired drivers
• Treatment courts
• Domestic violence programs

We help agencies establish programs of any size and also offer our services on a case-by-case basis.