Conditional Sentences

A conditional sentence with strict terms and effective monitoring is a powerful and flexible sanction for meeting the Criminal Code’s goals of securing the good conduct of the offender and preventing the offender from repeating the same offence or committing other offences.

Monitoring means that breaches will be detected; and the Criminal Code’s unique process for prosecuting breaches of conditional sentences means that consequences can be imposed swiftly and tailored to fit the circumstances of each case.

When house arrest, curfew compliance, geographic restrictions, and/or abstaining from or limiting consumption of alcohol are seen by the Court as appropriate terms of a conditional sentence, our RF, GPS, and or alcohol monitoring services ensure that the order “has teeth”, cannot be breached with impunity, and enables the sentence supervisor and Court to operate with complete, reliable information about the offender’s behaviour.

In resolution discussions, offering a conditional sentence with monitoring will help the Crown and defence resolve more cases without the need for a trial.

At contested sentencing hearings, the Crown or defence may see it as desirable to include a conditional sentence with monitoring terms as part of their proposed sentence.

For the defence, monitoring creates opportunities for a non-jail sentence. For the Crown, monitoring provides a robust tool for confirming compliance, protecting the public and rehabilitating the offender.

We will create customized reporting protocols to suit the needs of each case and the preferences of the conditional sentence supervisor.

Our house arrest, GPS, and alcohol monitoring services are all available for conditional sentence orders.

Our services are available on a case-by-case basis and we are available to help agencies create programs of any size.