Child Custody/Access

Concerns about a parent’s alcohol abuse, whether founded or not, can bog down a family law proceeding. Our alcohol monitoring services can help break that logjam, providing an alternative to supervised access and/or a way of proving that alcohol abuse is not a concern.

Remote breath testing ($295/month + HST)

Using a handheld breath testing device, a parent can provide breath samples between 2 and 6 times per day at scheduled times. The device takes a photograph of the person as they are providing the sample and facial recognition software will flag potential attempts to circumvent the testing. The device uses cellular data transmission to  upload the test result and photograph to the monitoring software. Both parents receive a daily email showing the test results from the previous day.

Continuous alcohol monitoring ($480/month + HST)

To enable a parent to provide testing every 30 minutes 24/7, we use an ankle bracelet called SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor). Well-established within the justice systems in the United States and the United Kingdom, SCRAM tests perspiration vapour in the same way that a breath testing device tests breath samples for the presence of alcohol. The results are stored within the bracelet’s onboard memory and uploaded to the monitoring software once per day. Reports provide a detailed picture of the results, allowing proof of sustained abstinence or, if the parent does drink, showing the timing and relative quantity of any drinking events.