23 Oct

How one mother used alcohol monitoring to help get her children back: CBC’s Fifth Estate

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This Fifth Estate episode and the related article include the story of a mother who used Recovery Science’s alcohol monitoring program to refute allegations she was abusing alcohol, which helped her get her children back.

25 Feb

Monitoring provides structure

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See RSC co-founder Steve Tan’s latest article: Monitoring provides structure

01 Jan

Canadian judges increasingly using electronic monitoring as a bail tool

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See RSC co-founder Steve Tan’s article here

30 Dec

Recovery Science marks 200th bail release with our monitoring programs

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We’ve crossed a significant milestone – see the full story on Advocate Daily here.

11 Dec

Review of Early Case Law on Electronic Monitoring and Bail

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The Evolving Case Law on Electronic Monitoring and Bail (excerpt), by Peter Marshall

28 Nov

With monitoring, conditional sentences for impaired driving can be smart and tough on crime

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Read on Advocate Daily

02 Oct

Ankle bracelet monitoring gaining foothold in bail cases

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07 May

Drug testing helps strengthen bail plans

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19 Feb

Alcohol monitoring is making a difference in Ontario child protection cases

Parents, agencies and lawyers involved in child protection cases are discovering a new tool for addressing allegations of alcohol abuse by a parent – continuous alcohol monitoring using the SCRAMx® ankle bracelet.  Developed for use in the criminal justice system, primarily in programs aimed at repeat impaired drivers, it tests for alcohol every 30 minutes, […]

19 Feb

Private monitoring for bail: now affordable, growing rapidly in Ontario

In the words of one Justice of the Peace, Recovery Science Corporation (RSC) is “bringing a new dimension to bail in Ontario.” That new dimension is private compliance monitoring that is affordable and widely available. RSC’s GPS, radio-frequency, and alcohol monitoring programs have now been a part of over 25 plans of supervision that have […]