GPS monitoring bolsters bail plans of supervision

Our Bail Compliance Monitoring Program introduced GPS monitoring on September 21, 2012. Defence counsel wasted no time putting the service to the test – our GPS monitoring was proposed in cases heard on September 24, 25 and 26 – and Ontario courts were receptive.

On September 24 in St. Catharines, in a bail review before Henderson J. of the Superior Court of Justice, the Court detained the accused on the tertiary ground, but commented that:

The electronic and GPS monitoring from Recovery Science in my view does add something substantial to the proposed plan. I accept that the provisions proposed by Recovery Science would provide a strong disincentive to breaching the terms of any release order….There is no doubt that the proposed plan today shores up the primary and the secondary grounds.

On September 25 and 26, following contested hearings at Toronto (Old City Hall), the Ontario Court of Justice granted release with our program’s GPS service monitoring the accused’s compliance with house arrest and geographic restrictions.

More information on these cases and our GPS service is available on request.