Alcohol Testing and Monitoring

If alcohol is an issue in your case, we offer a range of services that can help, including:

• Continuous alcohol monitoring with the SCRAMx ankle bracelet
• Remote breath testing
• Combined location and alcohol monitoring

Continuous alcohol monitoring with SCRAMx is ideal for cases in which a history of alcohol abuse is either acknowledged or alleged. Using the same type of fuel cell that is used in roadside breath testing equipment and ignition interlock devices, the SCRAMx ankle bracelet tests the wearer’s perspiration vapour for alcohol every 30 minutes. The readings are stored in the bracelet and then transmitted to our data centre. Ideal applications are:

• Bail
• Conditional sentences
• Probation
• Parole
• Sentence mitigation
• Programs for repeat impaired drivers
• Treatment courts
• Domestic violence programs
• Child custody/access
• Child protection cases

We create a reporting schedule and protocol that suits the needs of each case.

Using a handheld breath testing device that takes a picture of the person providing the breath sample, we can provide remote breath testing. Tests can be required on a set schedule between 2 and 6 times per day.